Future Fumigation Sdn Bhd

Future Fumigation Sdn Bhd handles fumigation services for import and export cargo in Westport Malaysia which compliant to MAFAS (Malaysian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme) and AFAS (Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme).

We Provide The following Fumigation Services :

  • PQ9 application for Phytosanitary Certificates in the event required by the importing country.
  • Bulk Grain Fumigation at the warehouse ( future Bulk Services) to cater import( PQ1, PQ2) and in- house requirement. Full technical support on matters relating to MAFAS & AFAS
  • WPM - Pallets will be accompanied by fumigation certificates which bear the IPPC marking. ( compliant to ISPM 15 guild lines)
  • Pest Control services. ( Warehouse ( Fogging, Misting , Pest Baiting ( TRBS), Termite baiting & drilling.
Job Description Remarks
Preparation Sealing of containers to airtight conditions. IPPC markings on timber pallets if any.
Release and exposure of MB Areas need to be cordoned, sealed and locked, away from unauthorized personnel during release and exposure period of 24 hours.
Monitoring of MB gas Monitoring of the MB concentration in enclosure at start and end point fumigation to ascertain there is no leakage of gas. In the event of gas leakage, a top-up of MB would be required.
Ventilation After the exposure period of 24 hours, the enclosure will be ventilated to rid of excess MB gas. Final monitoring of gas concentration to ensure it is below 5 ppm. Before declared gas free and permit entry to enclosure.
Duration The whole process of fumigation requires a minimum of 36 hours barring any requirement of top up gas in the event of gas leakage.
Indemnity Future Fumigation Sdn Bhd shall not be held liable for any bodily injury due to unauthorized entry/leakage in the event, fumigation is to be carried out at clients' premises and or damages due to reaction of MBr to your products.