Future Freight Forwarding Sdn Bhd

Journey of Future Freight Forwarding Sdn Bhd
Future Freight Forwarding Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of FUTURE SUPPLY CHAIN SDN BHD specializing in arranging and shipping of merchandise/goods on behalf of its shippers. Type of services that we provide is:

  • Transportation,
  • Customs Brokerage activities,
  • Bonded /General warehousing,
  • Ocean Freights,
  • Cargo Consolidation Services
  • Consultation of International Shipping
  • Other Government Agencies e.g. (MITI, MIDA, Agriculture, Veterinar, Fisheries and etc)

We Future Freight Forwarding Sdn Bhd emphasize on cost efficiency that eventually helps customer to minimize their operating cost, our innovation team understands well on the needs and aggressive on the simplicity of it with the expertise we have onboard.

Besides that, our rapports with port Authorities as well as the Shipping lines are well anchored. We source the best deal for our customer on their requirements, which is our commitment to service excellent. Our value added services are always on the move and more introductions to be recognize in near time.