Claims Manual

What To Do

  • Advise us of any incident/accident occurrence that may give rise to a claim as soon as practically possible.
    - Compliance with Policy Condition.
    Attention is drawn to the Policy Conditions which requires that on the happening of any occurrence in consequence of which a claim is to be made or may be made, the Insured shall as soon as practicable upon knowledge thereof , notify us , giving all such information there to as soon as possible may prejudice right to recover costs.
  • All claim(s) should be notified as soon as possible or within 48 hours.
  • Claims may be notified first by telephone and then confirmed in writing.
  • Take all reasonable measures to avert or minimize the loss or damage.
  • Preserve rights of action of recovery against third party who may be responsible.
  • Keep all receipts/estimates or any documents which could be used in claim settlement.
  • Co-operate with Appointed Loss Adjusters in his/her investigation, if one is appointed by the insurer.
  • If you are going to incur cost that you are not sure covered by the policy, get advice from us before the costs are incurred.
  • The insured must preserve any evidence of loss/damage for investigation purposes.

What Not To Do

  • Do not accept liability to a third party/ his representative or make any promise of payment.
  • Do not take any action that may prejudice you/your insurers' position.
  • Do not enter into negotiation, makes any offer of payment or admit liability without the express approval of insurers.
  • Do not do anything to encourage a third party to make claim.

Under no circumstances must the insured, his Employees, Agents or Servants makes any promise or admit liability to the third party's representative/lawyers.

All claims should be declared systematically, our role is to advise you on the potential cover of a claim and the measures to take and to give the best indemnifying possible having regards to the cover held.