Group Profile

Future Group of Companies is a group that offers customized supply chain solutions within the niche agro commodities industry in Malaysia. The Group is led by Future Supply Chain Sdn Bhd and supported by 5 subsidiary companies where each company is a strategic business unit that adds value to the overall supply chain management, in mitigating risks and fulfilling customers' needs.

We acknowledge that globalization has become a challenge to every organization resulting in the awareness that supply chain management has become an important issue for every business organization in order to be competitive in their business. With more than 10 years of collective senior management experiences in grains management and the logistics industry, Future Supply Chain Sdn Bhd is very capable in assisting its customers to become process efficient and derive benefits from costs savings in their supply chain process.

The customs clearance for both import and export shipments is the most basic function needed for shippers and consignees. Therefore, Future Freight Forwarding Sdn Bhd is providing all the relevant services as well as customs consultation to the customers. As the part of the services, we also provide competitive ocean freight to our customers as to lower their consignment costs.

As a requirement enforced by the relevant authority, fumigation is required for all plant base cargo imported into or exported out of the country. Future Fumigation Sdn Bhd with its accredited licensed fumigator partner was established to deal in pest control and provide fumigation services for import and export cargo in Port Klang in compliance to AFAS and MAFAS standards.

Haulage and inland transportation is a critical part of the overall supply chain in the process of delivering cargoes from the port to the consignee's facility and vice versa for the shipper. Future Transports Sdn Bhd specializes in serving these requirements for its customers by providing transportation services (haulage and tipping lorry) that are consistently punctual in their delivery time. Strategic partnerships with other transport owners also enable Future Transports to serve more customers with a larger pool of equipment while acting as a one stop centre for transportation needs for the industry we serve.

Driven by the needs of its customers, Future Bulk Services Sdn Bhd was established to provide dry or break bulk warehousing and storage facilities to valued customers. Our warehouse is strategically located within the Westport (Free Trade Zone) also allow us to act as container freight stations as customers' needs.

To provide a complete supply chain solution, Future Risk Management Sdn Bhd was established to provide customized risk management solution to our customers. The marine insurances provided by us is able to cover risks included cargo shortages and condensation for our customers.

As a group with synergistic values, the Future Group of Companies is therefore poised to provide end-to-end supply chain management solutions for the Agro Commodities industry, starting from origination (in the grains exporting country) to destination (delivered at buyers' facility). Emphasizing on an industrial based approach to achieve a supply chain modernization within the agro commodities Industry in Malaysia through customized supply chain solutions is the mission of Future Group of Companies.